KPK Establishes Regulatory Body to Put Check On Private Schools


Minister for Elementary and Secondary Education for KP, Muhammad Atif Khan declared that his government has established the new private schools regulatory authority in the province. The authority would have put a check on the educational institutes, who overcharged from the parents in the names of fee. The authority would keep an eye on the schools and it will analyze their performance.

Objectives of The New Authority

The minister said that the new regulatory authority would determine the minimum qualification faculty, training and pay structure to monitor the performance of the private schools. Originally the previous government made this plan for the private school regulatory and it was never put forward in the provincial assembly until the few months earlier. The provincial minister for education would be the chairman of the authority and the senior academics, government officials, owners of the schools and the representatives of the parents would be included in the new authority.

Every Child Gets Access to Education

The provincial minister also added that the education policy of KP government will ensure that every child has the access to the basic education in the province and all available sources will be provided and utilized for the purpose. This authority has been established and it is one of many steps, which is taken by the provincial government to improve the standard of education and the living standard of the people.

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