Medical Colleges Increase Fees

Medical Colleges Increase Fees

Medical Colleges Increase Fees

Pakistan Medical & Dental Council (PMDC) has allowed the private medical colleges to increase their fees with some conditions.

PMDC has informed that the private sector medical colleges will guarantee to provide free medical education to 5% aspirants, admissions on merit, improvement in infrastructure and also an affidavit to follow the agreement after which they can increase the fee up to Rs. 8 lac.

But the management of the private sector medical institutes demanded the increase in fee from Rs. 642,000 to Rs. 1.3 million considering the annual inflation index. But the demand was rejected by the council which only allowed the increase Rs. 800,000 along with the hiring of audit firm to calculate college’s expenditure.

After the meeting, PMDC president Dr. Shabir Lehri said that Supreme Court has ordered the medial colleges in 2010 that the fee of the single students will be Rs. 550,000 and it will be increased by 7% annually. He added that the fee was increased in 2013 to Rs. 642,000 but the medical colleges in private sector cold not abide by their promises after which it is difficult to let them increase the fee further. It is also known that several medical institutes demand bribe at the time of admissions in the name of donations.

He said that private medical colleges have to ensure merit, clearness and quality of education if they want to increase the fees. He said that it is obligatory for private institutes according to 2012 regulations that they will provide free education to 5% aspirants but they are not acting accordingly.

Dr. Lehri said that an audit firm will be appointed to check the expenditures of both government and private sector colleges while only those colleges will be allowed to increase fee that will submit affidavits.

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