Nearly 170 Fake Universities Still Operating in Pakistan


It has already been reported that there are about 184 fake universities and they did not get the approval of the Higher Education Commission. The officials of HEC said that they are trying to curb this menace and this matter was also raised at some level reluctantly the parliamentary panel showed their worry on this issue.

This matter was taken up about 19 months earlier and now it is raised again to check that how much progress has been made till now but the issue of the fake universities is remained there. The officials of HEC claimed that they have introduced the regulation of education sector and the number of fake universities is now decreased. It is suggested by the news reports that the governing body needs to take strict action against them and the punitive measures should be adopted against these fake universities and they should ensure the effective mechanism that this practice will not continue as well.

Some universities have affiliations with public or private sector universities but lack the mandatory NOC from the HEC, which is illegal.

There are thousands of the students, who protest against these fake universities, which have lack of approval of the HEC and the degree awarded by these universities are declared unrecognized. These universities make fool the students and their parents by getting huge amount from them as the tuition fees. These universities hide this fact that they do not possess the necessary approval from HEC and sometimes, they show the forged HEC approval. When the students protest against their illegal activities, they do not listen to their issue and turn a deaf ear to their protests.

HEC is also aware of the 168 fake, unrecognized and illegal universities and the 16 universities are less than the number of last year. The slow working and non action against them, which shows that HEC is not taking interest in the elimination of these fake and irregular universities spreading in the length and width of the country.

Most of the fake institutes include words like “International”, “American”, “London”, “Western” etc. in their names to mislead the public but they have no relation to any international institute.

It is also reported that most of the universities show their affiliation with the public and private universities but these universities did not obtain proper NOC from HEC. These universities need to get the NOC from the concerned department o that they can start the educational operations and start the classes. There are huge number of universities, which have added the names like ‘international, western, US, London, or any other international place and sometimes, they claim for affiliation with the international institutes to dodge the students to grab huge amount of money and provide low quality education and unrecognized degree.

Number of unrecognized universities in 2013 was just 24, and has now grown to 168, showing that HEC has made no effort to stop this menace and that education is the least of concerns for this government.

The most terrifying and dreadful situation of the story is that HEC, the parliamentary committee and the other concerned government departments are well aware of this situation but they ignore the whole situation and they do not take action against these fake universities. These universities are earning billions of rupees each year and deceit the public and the departments show their inability to take action against these persons.

There are hundreds of the students, whose lives and career are at the risk because of these uncontrolled universities and educational institutes. If the government does not take action against these universities, then the future of the country will be at stake and it will destroy the workforce potential. Pakistan needs to get the development projects and international investment it will be proved futile with the unqualified and unskilled workforce.

The people will also note some other repercussions and consequences of the issue by ignoring it. The students should share this news with their friends and they should inform to check the matter with the website of HEC and they should see that the universities and colleges are legitimate, in which they are going to get admission and start their education and which of them are working without the approval of the HEC.

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