One Tree is School Fee in India


New Delhi, A private school is established in the village of the Indian state, Chattisgarh and in this school, the school fee is not charged from the students but the school administration ask to the parents of the children to plant on tree and they should take care till it becomes young.

The school is named as Shaksha Koteer and it is located in surrounding village of the city, Ambikapur of Chattisgarh. The local businessmen and the traders have established this school on the self help basis and they are bearing the expenses of this school. There are various people, who cannot pay the fee of their children due to their poverty. So the administration of the school has decided that they should not charge fee from the students. They decided that the parents of the children plant a tree anywhere in the village and they take care of this plant till its adulthood and till their children complete their education in this school. If the plant dies out during this time, then the parents of the children will have to plant another plant there.

There are about 35 students, who have the age of 4 to 5 years and there are about 700 plants, which have been planted during the last one year by impressing this initiative and it is very hopeful for the people. The school administration said that the poor children are getting free education and their parents participate in this good deed by planting the new trees in their village, which will give the benefit to the environment of the village due to these new trees. It is to be clear that education is getting more expensive in India and the standard of education is also dropping in the government schools because the Indian government reserves very less amount for education in its annual budget.


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