Pak Girl Wins Bronze Medal in International Chemistry Olympiad

Pak Girl Wins Bronze Medal

Pak Girl Wins Bronze Medal

Bangkok, A Pakistani girl student, Maaha Ayub of Lyceum School Karachi won the bronze medal in the international competition of chemistry. The girl student participated in the international competition and she won the bronze medal for Pakistan in 49th International Chemistry Olympiad (IChO) in Bangkok, Thailand. The international Chemistry Olympiad is the annual competition and most of the talented chemistry students of the world at the secondary school level attend it. All of the countries of the world send the team of the 4 students, who test their chemistry knowledge and abilities in five hour laboratory practical and 5 hours written theoretical exams. The international competition was conducted from 06 July 2017 to 15 July 2017 and after that the final results are declared.

Maha Ayub talked with media and said that she was sent by Higher Education Commission and HEJ Institute of Chemistry after holding a test in which the maximum marks taking students are selected. It is golden chance for the students to interact with the people from various states and cultures. The experience was remarkable and amazing and it helped to foster huge number of international friendships and it has promoted the good image of Pakistan all over the world. Maha also advised to other students to participate in such events and they can enhance their knowledge about chemistry and it is chance to encourage each science students to take part in this competition and it is golden chance to represent Pakistan at the international level.

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