Philosophy CSS Past Paper 2012


CSS Philosophy Past Papers 2012 can help you to prepare your CSS Exams 2013 or any other CSS exams.

Philosophy 2010
Paper 1
Part II

Q.2 Define proposition. Explain Aristotle’s view of propositions.

Q.3 Inductive inference is probable. Discuss it with reference to analogical arguments.

Q.4 Emotive language is ambiguous. Illustrate with the help of fallacies of ambiguity .

Q.5 Write a not on symbolic logic defining its symbols of conjunction, disjunction and negation with examples.

Q.6What is scientific explanation? Discuss the role of hypothesis in scientific explanation.

Q.7Describe Ibn-e-Sina’s contribution in logic.

Q.8 Discuss ibn-e-Taimiyah’s criticism on Aristotle’s logic.

Philosophy 2010
Paper 2
Part II

Q.2Explain various types of idealism. Discuss Berkeley’s idealism.

Q.3 Define materialism. Critically examine dialectical materialism.

Q.4 Existence precedes essence. Discuss with reference to Sartre’s Existentialism.

Q.5 Analyse logical Positivists’ views regarding examination of metaphysics.

Q.6 Discuss Al-Ghazali’s criticism of philosophers regarding the eternity of the world.

Q.7 Ibn Khaldun is founder of philosophy of history and sociology. Discuss.

Q.8 Elaborate Iqbal’s concept of Ijtihad as the principle of movement in the structure of Islam.

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