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Islamabad, Pakistan Medical and Dental Council and the private sector medical colleges reached at the loggerheads over the admission procedure of these medical colleges. The PMDC has already issued the statements in which it was advised the aspirants to look for admission in the private medical colleges and they disobeyed the regulations of the council. The private sector medical colleges asked the students and their parents to resist against the orders of the council.

PMDC announced last year that government medical college will complete their admissions procedure before the private sector medical colleges to start the admission process. It was decided that the admissions in the private sector medical colleges will be granted through the centralized induction procedure, which is conducted by the government sector universities. The private sector medical college got the stay order from the courts and argued that policy was announced very late and the colleges have completed their admission procedure.

The council made the announcement that the new strategy will be implemented from 2017 and the decision of Lahore High Court said that council has the right to make the strategies for private medical colleges. PMDC asked the asked not to take admission in the medical colleges by bypassing the centralized admission system. PMDC announced that government sector medical colleges to complete their admissions before 30 November 2017 and after that the private medical college will start admission process.

The PMDC issued various statements and claimed that the students, who were looking for admission by bypassing the central induction system, they will not be registered by council and they advised the students not to get admission in these private medical colleges. Pakistan Association of Private Medical and Dental Institutions (PAMI) criticized the centralized admission systems and said that it is the main source of corruption. They issued the statements and showed the comments from the parents to tell the council not to play with the future of the students. The parents of the students gave the statements and they appealed to the PM and minister of National Health Services to play the role in solving the issue between the PMDC and private sector medical colleges.

They also said that the students have the choice to select the institute and they continue getting education and it is also added that the conflicts among the private medical colleges and the PMDC put the future of the children at risk. They said that the situation between the medical college of private sector and the PMDC has confused them and they are unable to decide where they send their children to get education in the medical and dental programs.

Pakistan Medical and Dental Council

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