PSEB Invites Applications for 3000 ICT Internships


Pakistan Software Export Board is going to start accepting the applications for the ICT Internship program of the Prime Minister of Pakistan. The IT graduates from 2013 onward can apply for the ICT internship program online.

Deadline for applications is 30th December, 2016

It is expected that the first batch of the interns will start in January 2017 and it will continue for period of six months. The companies will submit their attendance reports of the interns to the PSEB during the first week of every month and the payment of the stipend will be made to the interns by PSEB on the monthly basis.

PSEB Holds Seminar for Awareness

PSEB held the seminar to create the awareness among the students about the industry on the ICT internship program of Prime Minister and the participants from different sectors like healthcare, IT, academia, banking, telecom and officials of the PSEB and the National ICT R&D Fund.

The PSEB and National ICT R&D Fund have launched this ICT Internship program of Prime Minister jointly and these organizations will be associated with the Ministry of Information Technology. Mr Asim Shehryar Hussain, MD PSEB gave the presentation on IT industry of Pakistan and the industry support programs of PSEB. While giving the briefing, he stated that PSEB placed 400 interns last year and now the internship program has been increased many times than the previous year and in the next year they will create 3000 interns job opportunities and this programs will expand to IT departments of the public and private sector organizations along with the IT companies.

After that the Director Projects, PSEB gave the presentation and shared the complete details of the internship program. He further added that through this program, PSEB will place 3000 ICT graduates in ICT industry and other sectors like healthcare, banking, telecom, academic, and the non ICT organizations, where the work of ICT is being carried out.

When the briefing was ended, then the final session of question and answer was started and the participants asked the questions about the internship program along with apply to the program and responsibilities of companies, which participated in this program. The director of PSEB and GM National ICT R&D Fund responded to the questions of the participants. PSEB got advertised the ICT Internship program in the newspapers during the month of November 2016 and the main objectives of the ICT programs are:

  • To create industry academia linkage through placing IT graduates as interns with both IT companies as well as IT departments of public and private organizations
  • To provide an opportunity to IT graduates to gain practical training and experience thus making them more employable.
  • To create jobs for 60-70% of the interns so that they get hired after completion of internship
  • To meet industry’s needs for fresh IT graduates

PSEB conducted the internship program from 2003 and they have placed over 5500 interns over last decade. There are 60% to 70% interns, which got hired after completing their internship programs.

Now the PSEB extended the internship program by including some other sectors like hospitals, banks, academia, telecom and other non ICT organizations with the IT departments.

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