Punjab to Install Rooftop Solar Panels in 20000 Schools


The provincial Government of Punjab has started provision of rooftop solar power systems in about 20,000 schools in the province. The Chief Minister of Punjab examined the progress of government supported project called Khadam-e-Punjab Ujala program and the main target of this project is to place the roof top solar systems in the schools, health centers, and other educational institutes.

The program has managed the support of the Asian Development Bank and AFD Bank of France. The provision of the solar system is encouraging sign and it paves the way for the program, which can be extended. The reports have stated that the project will be split into the phases and first one will be started in South of Punjab and it expands to northwards and covers rest of the Punjab. The installation and conversion of the project in the form of electricity production will be gradual.

Almost fifty percent of the population of Pakistan is not connected to the national grid

The crisis is continued in the energy sector and almost fifty percent of population of Pakistan is not connected to national grid and they produce their own electricity. The people, who are still connected with grid, they are still facing the constant and unannounced power shortages. Pakistan is becoming increasingly dependent on the imported electricity and they are importing about 100 MW from Iran and they have already developed their plans to enhance this power to 3000 MW.

There are many projects, which are set up and run properly and the situation might turn around. This alternative method of production of electricity is used with use of solar energy, which is great deal in the country to become widely accepted and used. On the country wide basis, the project developers did sign the huge number of deals last year to set up the solar power plants.

Quaid-e-Azam Solar Power Park is added about 100 MW to national grid and this is the largest solar power project in the country, which has the total capacity of 1000 MW.

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