QAU Failed to Overcome Drugs in Campus


Islamabad, The management of Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad is unable to stop the use of drugs and liquor in the premises of the campus as the Dean of the QAU, Prof Waseem Ahmed said. He gave the briefing to the Standing Committee of the National Assembly on Federal Education and Professional Training, which was held the other day and said that the contraband activities like sale and consumption of drugs and gambling was rampant in the university.

The police took the action on the complaint of the administration of the university that the wild parties are held in the hostels and people use drugs and liquor freely. The dean of the University said that police raided on these parties and they also made some arrests and on the next morning, they go scot free.

QAU Failed to Overcome Drugs in Campus

QAU Failed to Overcome Drugs in Campus

The standing committee of National Assembly held its meeting at the QAU and Dr Amirullah Marwat is the chairman of the standing committee. Prof Ahmed said that the employees of the university are involved in the provision of hashish and liquor.

There are over 200 security guards in the university but the administration is failed to control the sale and consumptions of the contrabands and he also pointed out the power of the people, who are behind this illegal trade. He also said that there are some of the students and the unauthorized people that were also living in these hostels. The Vice Chancellor of the QAU, Dr Javed Ashraf said that the use of drugs,liquor and gambling was common at the public sector university. He also said that two hundred guards are insufficient to manage the administration of this big campus.


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