Sindh Nursing Students Record Protest


The Nursing students from all over the Sindh province will give a sit-in outside the Karachi Press Club and it will be continued till the issuance of the correct results. The president and other reps of the Students Action Committee said that they protested and Director Health Karachi ensured that all such students, who were position holders in the previous exams and now they are declared fail in the exams this year. They demanded that their papers should be checked.

He said that if these students were found passed then the old results would be restored. These students and other students would be declared successful and the action will be taken against the responsible, who prepared the wrong results. They closed their protest but they backed out of the promise.

The director of Health Karachi said that the mistakes of the figures are noticed, which can be committed by any person. About 55 complaints are appeared and these are being checked.

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