Sindh University Outsources Degree Printing To Combat Fake Degrees


Sindh University has announced that they will not print the academic degree themselves after the news of the scandal of fake degrees. The vice chancellor of Sindh University, Prof Dr Fateh Muhammad Burfat chaired the meeting in which it was decided upon that SU will hand over the printing duties to Pakistan Security Printing, Karachi for the printing of the degrees to eliminate the fake degrees. The VC said that the decision was taken to ensure the fairness, transparency and security of the degrees.

Sindh University has faced the severe criticism and tackled cynical and unproven skepticism from the various social quarters in the past in terms of the veracity of degrees. Now the university administration has to make the decision to get printed the varsity degrees from Pakistan Security Printing, Karachi. The spokesperson has revealed that the main campus of SU has 32,000 students in the main campus and 3000 in other six campuses.

“Bar Code And Other Security Signs”

In response to the media outlets, the spokesperson of SU revealed that the degrees are got printed by Pakistan Security Printing will not add the name of the recipient.  He further added that the foolproof security ensures the degree will carry the bar codes, serial number and other security signs.

Private Courier Service

SU has hired the private courier service for the delivery of the university related documents like exams papers and admissions forms in order to improve the situation. The examination controller said that the current postal services bout four days to deliver the exams papers, which is the big reason for the leakage of the exams papers. The private courier service will be very reliable and timely.

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