Staff Members of Pak-Turk Schools Rejected to leave Pakistan


The workers of Fatehullah Golan’s Pak Turk School Organization have denied going back to Turkey and they have contacted UNHCR for political asylum.

UNHCR has provided the forms to 350 workers and their family members while the interior ministry has decided to take the decision on PM level and foreign ministry will be contacted soon for this purpose in order to solve this situation.

It should be remembered that the government ordered the workers to leave country in three days after expiry of their visas in November before the tour of Turkish PM but so far only 40 staff members and their families have leave Pakistan while the other 350 people have rejected to comply on the orders of leaving Pakistan.

According to sources, the interior ministry has taken a serious notice on this defying of orders by the staff members of Pak Turk Schools and decided to take this matter on the highest level. In the first stage, secretary interior will meet the secretary foreign affair and they will make a combined decision after which the matter will be taken in front of PM.

The sources told that further action against staff members will be taken after orders received by PM.


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