Students of Old School Get Education on Debris


The old school building was demolished in Soldier bazaar and the students of 4th and 5th classes sit on the debris of their demolished school and they are getting education. This school was set up 1928 and the ex administrator of Karachi let the provincial minister to visit the school.

The school building located in Soldier Bazar was demolished during the night between Saturday and Sunday and the portion of the secondary schools was affected. The Geofel Hurst Government Secondary School was set up in 1928. When the students of 4th class reached school they found their school in shape of debris and they were very surprised

The students said when they arrived at the school in the morning, they found their school broken. The principal of the school said that it is illegal to demolish any historical building. If the higher officials call him in the DC office, then he will attend the office. The historical buildings are declared the national asset and after its demolition, the officials are making hue and cry after the incident. Now it is matter of the future of about 1000 students, and from where they will get their education. Who will control the ‘qabza and bulldozer mafia’?

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