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Study Purpose Visa

Actually the visa for study purpose is valid for one year and to obtain this type of visa you need to provide proof that you have got admission in institute of Germany and also have to provide financial proof that should support your all dues during your study duration.   For more information about Study in Germany please visit here: Full story

Three Months Study Visa

This type of visa is issued to all those students that that haven’t obtained any admission in the universities of Germany. After the student get admission in any university than you should have to take resident permit visa as soon as you get admission and visa status can be changed from foreign affairs.   For more information about Study in Germany please visit here: Full story

Language Course Visa

Actually the language course visa is a visa that can not be converted in to a student visa and is usually valid for the course duration.   For more information about Study in Germany please visit here: Full story

Geography of the Germany

Germany is basically a country which is well known because it is considered as one of the industrial and economical power holder in the Europe. The population of the Germany is more than 81 million and has a geographic size of 1, 39,000 square miles. The capital city of Germany is Berlin and other cities include Munich, Hanover, Hamburg, Nuremburg, Bremen, Stuttgart, Frankfurt and ... Full story

Climate of Germany

The country of Germany is having very moderate climate but the temperature of the winter may vary from west to east. Usually there is freezing temperature in the West of Germany and below freezing temperature is in East Germany. The temperature of Germany in summer season is in the 70’s to low 80’s and has more rainfall during the summer season.   For more information ... Full story

Culture and Population of Germany

According to an estimate there are round about 80% of peoples that live in cities and towns of Germany. In Germany the most heavily populated area is in the west and also the central Germany that are along the Rhine River. Actually the country of Germany is divided into 16 different states and every state has its own German customs, dialects, traditions and architecture.   For ... Full story

Historical Highlights of Germany

Germany is also very well known in the world because of activities of Adolf Hitler and also with the atrocities that are committed during the Holocaust. Germany was divided into West Germany and East Germany at the end of World War II. The government of East Germany was maintained as communist government but on the other hand the government of West Germany was a capitalist ... Full story

Major Industries in Germany

Germany is also well known because it is the major industrial country in Europe and is also well known for the manufacturing of their automobiles that includes sporty Porsche, luxury Mercedes, BMW and Volkswagon. Germany is a country that also manufactures many other types of machinery, transportation equipment, electronics equipments and chemicals. Germany is also very famous because of its considerable farming that includes grain ... Full story

Why Study in Germany is Better

From all other countries of the world the education of the Germany is the best because it provides many different advantages to get an edge in the job market of the globe. The economy status of the Germany is the among the three biggest world economies. The economy of the Germany remains one of the driving forces behind all the European Union and also is ... Full story

Opportunity to Study in English

International students from many different countries of the world come to Germany to get higher education. In Germany the studies can be taken in English because international students find it difficult to continue their studies in German language. The government of Germany has launched a new rule that international students can get higher education in English. There are also many different programs that are offered ... Full story
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