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Student Jobs in Canada

Some of the internationals students who came to Canada find jobs easily but some of the international students after very long search find jobs and some international students study without getting any job. For international students there is an agency which is known as Public Service Commission agency which is actually an independent agency. The basic work of this agency is to report to parliament ... Full story

Check Application Status

By calling the call centre of Citizenship and Immigration Canada you can easily check status of your application. Actually your application is the application of your work permit so be careful before sending your application. Citizenship and Immigration Canada has automated telephone services that are for 24 hours a day and also for 7 days a week. You can also listen to pre-recorded information about the ... Full story

Work Permit Length and Study Length in Canada

Actually the post graduate work permit is usually not longer than your time duration of your studies in Canada. In other words you can say that all those students that are graduating from any Canadian institute and has four years degree program are eligible to apply for three years work permit in Canada. All those students that are having eight months certificate programs will have ... Full story

Apply by Mail for Work Permit of Post Graduate

All Students can apply for work permit of post graduate program by mail by the following methods and requirements: Download Application Kit Read Guide and Prepare your Documents Pay Fees of Application Mail ... Full story

Mail Your Application

You should always make sure that the application you are going to send is complete and also signed. You can also take help to review your application from staff member at the International and Exchange Student Centre by making an appointment. Students should make a photo copy of their application and also copy of their supporting documents for their own records that can be needed in ... Full story

Pay Fees of Application

You will have to order a fees receipt so to pay the fees of your application but remember fees receipt cannot be downloaded and should be original. For delivery, the fees receipt can take more than 2 weeks so the best way is to pay the application fees online with the help of your credit card. When ever you pay application fees online then you ... Full story

Read Guide and Prepare your Documents

You have to read completely the Instruction Guide and also have to complete the application form and also checklist. You also have to prepare all the required documents to send your application by mail.   For more information about Study in Canada please visit here: Full story

Download Application Kit

First of all visit the Immigration and Citizen Canada website to get the application form. What you have to is to download the application form and print the application kit. Actually an application includes many things in it that are an application form, Instruction Guide and Document Checklist.   For more information about Study in Canada please visit here: Full story

Apply Online for Work Permit of Post Graduate

All international students can easily apply online for the Post Graduate Work Permit through MyCIC and also through Canadian Immigration and citizenship which is CIC online portal. Actually MyCIC is basically an organization that helps you to apply online and also to pay online for your Post Graduation Work Permit. MyCIC is also used to update your email address and are also used to view ... Full story

Submit your Application

Before submitting your application you should review your application once or twice so that there should be no mistakes and also to make sure that your application is complete and is digitally signed. If you want some one to review your application then you can also make an appointment with any staff member that should be from International and Exchange Student Centre. It is also advised ... Full story
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