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Important for Students to Study in Canada

One thing you should know that when your application is successful then you will be issued with a single entry permit and also with temporary resident visa but you can also get multiple entries because it depends on courses that you choose. When ever you are issued a single entry visa then you are only allowed to enter the Canada for only one time and ... Full story

About Canada

Actually Canada is North American country that has ten provinces and also has three territories. The country of the Canada is located in the northern part of the continent and extends from the Ocean of Atlantic in the East towards the Pacific Ocean in the west and also northwards into the Arctic Ocean. Actually the Canada is the world’s largest country by its total area. ... Full story

Political Conditions of Canada

The famous leader of the Conservative party named Stephen Harper was sworn as the twenty second prime minister of Canada on 6th February 2006. Stephen actually succeeded Paul Martin in Liberal party elections and was selected as the prime minister of Canada. Actually Stephen Harper was the Member of Parliament for the party of defunct reforms and also for the Canadian Alliance. He was also ... Full story

Canadian Government

Basically Canada is a constitutional monarchy which has federal system, democratic tradition and parliamentary government. In the year 1982, the charter of rights and freedom was enacted in Canada with having group rights and guarantees basic individual. The head of the state of Canada is the most famous personality known as Queen Elizabeth II and is the Queen of Canada.   The Queen Elizabeth appointed the governor ... Full story

Canadian Trade and Investment Relationships

Actually the country Canada and the US share most comprehensive and world’s largest relationships that always support million of jobs in both the countries. United States 30 states from all 50 states, Canada is the most leading export market and is also considered as the largest market for the US goods then all 27 European countries. Both United States and Canada has also ... Full story

Economy of Canada

The GDP according to 2008 is $1.2 trillion and the real GDP growth of Canada according to 2008 is 2.7%. Canada have different natural resources in it that are natural gas, minerals, petroleum, metals, forests, hydroelectric power, wildlife, fish and abundant fresh water which makes it different from other countries. In the agriculture of Canada there are many things that are included that are feed ... Full story

Government of Canada

There are usually three types of government in Canada that are parliamentary democracy government, federation government and constitutional monarchy government. The constitutions in Canada are British North American Act policy of 1867 which was patriated to Canada on 17th April, 1982. According to the constitutional act of the 1867 and 1982, the charter of rights and freedom are usually referred to as their constitution act.   There ... Full story

Geography of Canada

The area of the Canada is actually 9.9 million square kilometer and is the second largest country of the world. The cities of Canada are   Ottawa which is the capital of the Canada and has more then 1.2 million population. Toronto which has more then 5.2 million population. Montreal which has ... Full story

History of Canada

Actually the history of Canada always covers the time period of the arrival of the Paleo-Indians that entered the Canada thousands years ago and are still present in Canada. The groups of Aboriginal peoples also made trade networks, social hierarchies and spiritual beliefs. A time came when European arrives to Canada and at that time some of the civilizations were having long fades.   The country of ... Full story

Study in Canada

UN has ranked Canada the number one country in the world for living purposes but Canada is also supposed to be the best place for study purposes. Canada is a country that is having most Asian students because Canada always offers the best offer for a truly international educational experience. Actually Canada is very unique country in the world that has been rated by the ... Full story
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