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Application Fees

You can easily pay your application fees online with the help of credit card and can also pay the fees with the help of Canadian Financial Institution with Fee Receipt Form. You should also know that Fees Receipt Forms cannot be downloaded and should be original and can easily be ordered online. When ever you pay the fees in financial institution then you have to ... Full story

Documents Scan

You have to scan all of your required documents and for scanning your all documents you need a scanner that will help you to scan multiple pages in one document. You should know one thing which is very important which is your each document should not exceed the 2MB limit. Students can easily use scanner that are located in the International and Exchange Students centre ... Full story

Submit Application Online

First of all log in to MyCIC with your account and then click the link to start an In Canada Temporary Resident Application. MyCIC will help you to apply for various types of permits and these permits can be requested in one application.   For more information about Study in Canada please visit here: Full story

Create Access Key

With the help of MyCIC you can apply for your Post-Graduate Work Permit online. The most important thing in MyCIC is that you can also send request for the extension of your family members that are dependent. You can easily create access key from the official website of Canada.   For more information about Study in Canada please visit here: Full story

Documents Preparation

At the beginning of your application process you should be sure that you have your Passport and Client ID number with you or not. The Client ID number is also listed on your study permit that you have on your passport. The best thing is to read the Guide and Document Checklist to check what types of documents are required.   For more information about Study ... Full story

Canadian Post Graduate Work Permit Programs

All those international students that completed their study programs at Canadian post secondary institutions can easily participate in the post graduate work programs. According to rule all those internationals students that have passed at least 9 months in their study programs are eligible to participate in post graduation work programs. Actually this program is designed to provide the best assistance and support to students with ... Full story

Canadian Co-op and Internship Work Programs

There is a rule for all international students that are studying those courses that require that they should complete work components so that they can be graduated and can easily receive their degree. All these international students are always permitted to accept employment that is on-campus or off-campus. Actually the co-op and internship cannot be formed more than 50% of their total program of studies. There ... Full story

Canadian Off-Campuses Students Work Programs

In April of 2006, there was a program that was launched which is known as Off-Campus Work Permit Program. Actually this program is a new initiative program that helps the international post secondary students to easily apply for a work permit so that they can work off-campus. Actually this is the program that gives opportunity to all eligible international students to work and gain work ... Full story

Canadian On-Campuses Students Work Programs

All international students that hold valid study permit always look for employment on-campus and also accept these types of employments. Students are provided on campus employment on the basis of attendance and are also registered as full time students at Canadian post secondary institutions where on-campus employments mostly took place. There is also no need of work permit for this type of on-campus employment. Actually the ... Full story

Students Working in Canada

According to rules and regulations of Canada, it is must that international students should have enough money to live and study and also to fulfill all other expenses and don’t need to work while you are studying. International students should ensure that they have the funding level that is required by the Immigration and Citizenship of Canada and is always required before you enter Canada. International ... Full story
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