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Graduate Study in Canada

There is a department in some of universities of Canada which is known as graduate studies or graduate schools. This is basically a department in which students after completing their post graduate studies can easily apply and can also easily attend. The graduate study degrees can include Doctorate and Master’s degrees and can also include certificates programs of graduate. There are many varieties of subjects ... Full story

Statement of Purposes for Graduate Studies

Actually the personal type of essays and statement of purposes always play very important role for the process of visa application. Statement of purpose is mostly required for admission purpose and as well as for financial aid because this is very important document that helps a lot for the accessing process of your application. Actually in this way your application will be considered as the ... Full story

Letter of Recommendation for Bachelor Studies

Actually there is also a very important document that is very important for your admission process which is called Letter of Recommendation or Letter of Reference. Actually letter of recommendation is mostly required for courses like Master’s degree and also for courses like Doctoral Degree. Actually the letter of recommendation is a signed statement from a person that professionally knows you and can be a ... Full story

Details of Work Experience

There are number of vocational and professional courses that mostly require relevant work experience from students. Actually Master’s or MBA courses that area in information studies always require work experience of couple of years. Most of the universities of Canada are very strict about the work experience. When ever students submit their application form than Resume with details is very important part of the student’s ... Full story

Standardized Tests for Gradate Programs

There are many types of courses and universities in Canada that require to undergo a standardized test that are very important for admission process that are GMAT, GRE and also English language tests that includes TWE, TOEFL and IELTS. English Language Test: TOEFL GRE GMAT   For more information about Study in Canada please visit here: Full story


This test is basically required for most of the management courses and all those students that take admission in graduate studies have to take GMAT test which is basically Graduate Management Admission Test.   For more information about Study in Canada please visit here: Full story


This test is basically required when students take admission in any graduate course which is other than management courses.   For more information about Study in Canada please visit here: Full story


Actually these types of tests are mandatory for international students that apply to study graduate courses or want to study in universities of Canada. There are some scores that are required by the universities of Canada for admission of students that is 570 score for paper based test and 230 score for computer based test. There are many other universities that also accept IELTS scores or ... Full story

Academic Records for Graduate Programs of Canada

Actually your past academic record is one of the most important and needed factor which helps to secure your admission in any abroad college or university. Most of the universities and schools require having very good academic record especially for all those programs and courses that offer Master’s and Doctoral Degree programs. Every university has its own minimum requirement for its different programs that are ... Full story

Completed Three Years Graduate Programs

If you completed three years degree program in your country that will help you to maximize your chances to get admission easily in graduate schools of Canada but it is strongly advised that you should complete post graduate degree in your country. In this way you will have 100% chanced to be admitted in graduate schools of Canada. The one year university programs in your ... Full story
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