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Entry Requirements for Canadian Post Graduate Studies

Entry Requirements for Canadian Post Graduate Studies: The most important entry requirement for Canadian post graduate studies is the good degree which should have very high academic standings and which is used to get admission in any Master’s program. Usually master’s programs with having professional focus always require work experience in their field of study. For the program of Doctoral, there is a big requirement to ... Full story

Where can I study in Canada?

Where can I study in Canada? Actually the magazine named Macleans Publishers is the annual ranking publisher of the Canadian universities which was later made available on the internet. There are many international websites that include Canadian universities for their best rankings that also include QS Top Universities of Canada, worldwide universities and the ranking surveys of Times Higher Education University.    For more information about Study ... Full story

Available Courses in Canada

Available Courses in Canada: Mostly there are two types of graduate degree courses that are Master’s and Doctoral courses. They are described as Master’s degree courses area those courses that are offered in many different fields of life and there are usually two main types of programs that are included in it that are professional and academic. These types of programs usually last for one or two ... Full story

How Higher Education System works in Canada?

How Higher Education System works in Canada? The best educator Canada offers wealth of postgraduate study options that are available at its different universities. The universities of Canada have very strong reputations for their very high quality of education and also with their reasonable tuition fees. More than 160,000 students from other countries of the world come to Canada every year to study different programs. Actually ... Full story

Post Graduate Diplomas and Certificates in Canada

Post Graduate Diplomas and Certificates in Canada: There are many vocational and training institutes in Canada that provide the certificates and diplomas such as PGCE which is the short name of Postgraduate Certificates in Education. There is a need to qualify as conversion courses or teacher that includes Graduate Diploma in Law to qualify for these types of vocational and training institutes. All theses types of ... Full story

Post graduate Studies Requirements

Post graduate Studies Requirements: Actually all the Master’s degree courses in Canada take one or two year to complete the program and all the professional courses are extended for more few years. Actually the post graduate courses have combination of assignments and research that always require dedication from the student. In Canada, it is must that candidates should submit a thesis which they have to submit at ... Full story

Admission Criteria in Canada

Admission Criteria in Canada: • All those students that enroll their career in Master’s Study programs always require Bachelor’s degree in their specific field. It is must that all applicants must possess high grades and a minimum of B+ grade that should depend upon their selected courses and universities. • It is also must that all applicants must have letter of recommendation from all previous university lecturers which is ... Full story

Post Graduate Education in Canada

Post Graduate Education in Canada • In the country of Canada there are three types of higher educational institutions that are named as colleges, graduate schools and universities. All those students that are looking to take admission in the studies of post graduate programs have to enroll at a graduate school or university because the colleges in Canada do not offer Master’s degree courses or programs. • There are ... Full story

Canada Student Visa Interview Questions

There are many questions that are asked the most when you visit the embassy or counselor for an interview to get study visa of Canada. Some of the most frequently asked questions are as below. Q 1- How are you doing today? Answer: Fine, Thanks for asking. (One thing you should remember that this question is mostly asked to make you comfortable so don’t be nervous and always ... Full story

Canada Education System

From the best education countries of the world the Canadian education is considered as the best all around the world. Actually the Canadian education system is the most famous education system in the world because of its very high standards of education. Each province of Canada has its own education system which is very close to the education of the Germany. It is must that ... Full story
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