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Religions, Languages, Literacy, Literacy and Labor force in Germany

The literacy of Germany includes many types of peoples that are living but from age 15 and over in Germany can easily read and write German language. The labor forces in Germany are round about 36.85 million in which 41% are industries, 6% are agriculture and 53% are others. Usually the language spoken in Germany is German which the national language of Germany is but ... Full story

Peoples of Germany

The population of Germany is round about 81,847,556 which were calculated in the year 2010. The age structure in Germany from 0-14 years is 16 % that includes 6,529,507 females and 6,925,755 males, from 15-64 years 68% that includes 27,480,925 females and 29,230,150 males and 65 years to over 16 % that includes 8,598,580 females and 4,895,750 males. The population growth rates in Germany is ... Full story

Geography of Germany

The location of the Germany is Central Europe which has border with the North Sea and Baltic Sea between the area of the Northern Islands and Poland. The country of Germany is in the South of Denmark and has 356,910 km^2 total area and has 349,520 km^2 land area. The comparative area of the Germany is slightly smaller than Montana. The land boundaries of ... Full story

Study in Germany

Germany is the world’s 3rd largest economy country and is mostly ranked at second place in export. Germany is also the most popular country for making of machineries, automobiles, chemical and electrical products and is also very popular for IT. There are more then 300 institutes of higher education in Germany and is supposed to be the top most countries in the field of science, ... Full story
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