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Decision of Study and Work

The thing is that you can not decide the time of your study and the time of your work because according to the rules if you do this than you will be thrown back to your country. In Germany you have to consider your studies as the main work and than do work according to the rules and regulations. The amount of your semester is ... Full story

Limits on types of Work

You can easily work in any field whether it’s field of lifeguard or what ever because you lack professional training and are apprenticeship in the particular job. You can also work in any kind of job as an assistant or as an office coordinator.   For more information about Study in Germany please visit here: Full story

Work Hours per Month

Actually the time duration that is provided to students depends on their country where they came from. All the students that are Non-EU countries students can work up to three months during their semester period. The work time which is provided to Non-EU students is 90 day per year or four hours per day. There are many jobs that can be exceeded from the 90 ... Full story

License for Non-EU Students

The Non-EU students don’t need any license because you already have work permit in the visa that is provided to you.   For more information about Study in Germany please visit here: Full story

German Internship’s

The internship actually depends on your location and area and is also up to your employer. Actually the Wages for the internships ranges from the zero Euro to 800 Euro per month but the majority of internships are unpaid.   For more information about Study in Germany please visit here: Full story

Ratio of the Tax

Students have to pay tax when they get tax cards and usually students pay tax which is between 14 to 40 percent. Students also pay tax to churches that are in between eight to nine percent of the tax. The thing is that it depends on total amount of your income and ways of the source.   For more information about Study in Germany please visit ... Full story

International students Tax

When ever international students earn more than 400 Euros than they have to pay taxes also has to contribute social security that includes contribution of students to the German medical insurances. Students will also have to contribute to their pension program when ever they earn more than 400 Euros. Actually these types of pension programs are usually recognized in many other EU countries.   For more information ... Full story

Per Hour earnings of Students

In the region of Bonn and Cologne, per hour earning is round about 8 to 10 Euros but in other cities of Germany it might be less than that and can be round about 5 to 10 Euros per hour.   For more information about Study in Germany please visit here: Full story

Part Time job Income

The part time income from Germany jobs are not enough for international students to fulfill their all requirements because the cost of living in Germany is little bit high. But all the living expenses depend on the individual rents costs and the style and standard of living. According to round figure the sum of the total monthly living expenditure that include all types of costs ... Full story

Online Internship

There are many websites of Germany that are the main source for finding internships in Germany. There are also many other types of professional associations in Germany that helps a lot to find about internships. They are actually very good source for the qualified internship too.   For more information about Study in Germany please visit here: Full story
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