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History of Malaysia

The evidence of the human’s habitation in the country of Malaysia dates back to more than 40,000 years and the first inhabitants that are thought are Negritos. As early as the first century different traders and settlers that are from China and India arrived in the 1st century AD and in the 2nd and 3rd centuries they established towns and trading ports. This also resulted ... Full story

Government of Malaysia

Actually Malaysia is also well known because it is a federal constitutional elective monarchy. The legislative power of Malaysia is divided between state and federal legislatures. Actually the bicameral federal parliament consists of the lower house, the senate and the house of the representatives. Actually the 222-members of the house of the representatives are elected for five years maximum period and are elected from single ... Full story

Study in Malaysia

Malaysia is preferred mostly for the best and reliable destination for students around the world because the study in Malaysia is having very wide range of internationally recognized qualification. Actually Malaysia is supposed to be the best region that is also supposed to be pioneer in the region because of development and promotion of transnational bachelor’s degree programme. From the education point of view Malaysia is ... Full story
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