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Actual Cost of Visit Visa

The actual prices of the Single, Multiple entry visas are actually flat with fees of £10 but not for Indian passport and the multiple entry fees for all persons is £20. These prices are very reasonable and any one can easily afford. All the prices are subject to change every year or may be after every six month so it’s better to enquire at the ... Full story

Time Required Issuing a Visa

The time which is taken for the visa process is usually very small. If students deposit their student passes applications in the morning than they can get visa in the evening.   For more information about Study in Malaysia please visit here: Full story

Insurances to Students

International students will be issued a special pass at the immigration check point of Malaysian airport for their entry to Malaysia which is actually valid for 14 days. The educational institutions have to submit the passports of students with in two weeks of their arrival to the State immigration Department. These passports are actually sent to affix the students pass stickers in their passport. The ... Full story

Malaysian Immigration Check Point

International students when arrive at the airport of Malaysia than they have to show the approval letter of the student pass at the immigration check point of Malaysia. At the check point of immigration a special student pass will be issued to the student that will lead students to immigration department for the actual student pass. On students valid national passport visa will also ... Full story

Apply for a Student Pass for the pursuit of studies in Malaysia

The procedure to apply for the student pass of Malaysia is very simple. Actually the educational institutions of higher education in Malaysia that offer different courses and programs for all international students like you will apply for the student pass in Malaysia on your behalf. These educational institutes will than send your application to the Director of Pass & Permit Division which is the head ... Full story

Way to apply for the Visa to enter Malaysia

Actually the government of the Malaysia has introduced very simple and hassle free entry procedure so that it will be easy for students like you to come to Malaysia to get higher education. Usually a visa is required for the entry pass of Malaysia but you don’t have to apply directly for the visa of Malaysia from your country’s Malaysian missions. The best thing is ... Full story

06 easy steps to obtain student visa of Malaysia

06 easy steps to obtain student visa of Malaysia: You have to submit an application form to study in Malaysia with some of the relevant documents to the chosen education institute of Malaysia. The education institute actually has an approval from the Ministry of Home Affairs which is the Immigration Department of Malaysia to recruit all the selected international students. Your application to get the student ... Full story

Geography of the Malaysia

Malaysia is a country which is located in the Southeastern part of Asia and is actually an island nation that forms which forms some part of the Malaysian Peninsula. Malaysia is basically a country which is bordered by the Indonesia, Thailand and Brunei. Actually the geography of Malaysia is divided into two different parts that are East Malaysia and Peninsular Malaysia. The other two prominent ... Full story

Beaches and Islands in Malaysia

Every person in the world loves the exotic tropical islands that are the reason peoples from all over the world come to Malaysia to enjoy their life in the world’s best islands and beaches. If you see the coastline length of Malaysia than it will be 4,678 km that put it at the 29th position in the world. Actually the outermost land frontier of the ... Full story

Lakes and Rivers in Malaysia

Approximately 1200 km area of Malaysia is full of lakes and rivers. From all these rivers the longest river in the Malaysia is the Rajang River which is in Sarawak that covers round about 770 km area. The other longest river in Peninsula is the Pahang River which is 435 km long. There are only two natural lakes that are found in Malaysia that are ... Full story
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