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Geography of the UK

Actually UK is sovereign state that is located on the northwestern coast of the continental Europe. The area that UK covers is approximately 243,610 square kilometers and occupies the most and the major part of the archipelago, British Isles and also includes islands of Great Britain in it. Actually UK is a country that lies between the North Sea and North Atlantic and also ... Full story

UK has Multicultural Nations

UK is also well known for having best multicultural society in the world with all the religious and faiths that represents UK in some way. With the help of religious, ethnic and racial jumble, UK is among all those countries that are open for new traditions and cultures. UK has many cultures that came from peoples and students of other countries that are living and ... Full story

UK Loans & Scholarships

Nowadays international education is very difficult with out any income. The most important thing is careful analysis of budget, lot of preparation, and very hard work to reach and also to apply for scholarships. Basically there are many varieties in scholarships and loans that are available to students who are thinking to get best education and to study in UK.     For more information about ... Full story

Opportunities for Work in UK

In the UK international students are allowed to work up to 20 hours a week during their school term and can work full time when the schools are closed. Before starting any work you will have to talk with your international advisor. For all international students it is necessary that they should not be involved in any violation against your visa. Getting job is not ... Full story

Lowest education costs

As compared to other countries such as USA and many other countries the cost of education is very low for all international students. The tuition fees in the UK is very less and is minimum £6,000 to £7,000 a year which is the less cost as compared to other universities in the world. You can easily save lot of money because the degree you choose ... Full story

Education of UK is Recognized Worldwide

UK higher education qualifications and degrees are well known in the world and are considered as the best high quality and world class degrees. The excellent standard of education is well known from older universities that have recognizable names that include Cambridge and Oxford. The most important thing is that their tradition is carried by most of the colleges and universities throughout the UK. For more ... Full story

Why Study in UK is better

Actually the study of UK was always the best and has grown a lot to become the best and top destination to study in all over the world. UK is the best place that has best institution which offers best quality education for international students that other countries can’t offer. The study in UK is better because the qualification of UK is recognized by employers ... Full story

Study in UK

The education in UK is supposed to be the best education in the world because UK qualification is recognized and also respected all over the world. Actually the qualification of UK will be your solid foundation to build up your future and will boost your career. UK is among all those countries that has very cheap and low costs for studies as compared to education ... Full story

Economy of the UK

The UK is included in the world’s largest economy and is on the sixth number and is having the second largest economy in the countries of eh European Union. United Kingdom is also the major international trading power in the world. Actually the economy of the United Kingdom is highly developed and diversified and is also a market based economy with ... Full story

Foreign Relations and Defense

For the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the UK is actually the founding member and is also one of the NATO’s major European Maritime, land powers and air. It is the third country in list of the NATO’s defense expenditure. Actually the UK is a member of the European Community from 1973. Actually UK is supposed to be the permanent member of the United Nations ... Full story
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