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Political conditions of the United Kingdom

Since 1997, the labor government that was in power firstly under the supervision of Prime Minister Tony Blair and then after Tony Gordon Brown has already lost its majority in the House of Commons in the election that was held in the month of May and the year was 2010. In the commons it was the first time to lose their majority since 1974 but ... Full story

UK Government official’s Principals

Prime Minister: David Cameron (Head of Government of Conservative Party) Head of the State: Queen’s Elizabeth II Ambassador to UN: mark Lyall Grant Ambassador to U.S: Nigel Sheinwald State’s Secretary of Foreign Affairs and Commonwealth Affairs: William Hague Deputy Prime Minister: Nick Clegg (from the Party of Liberal Democrat) For more information about study in uk visit here: Full story

Government of the UK

Actually the United Kingdom has not written any constitution but the equivalent body of the law was totally based on the common wealth, statute and traditional rights. All the changes that was made came through the new act of parliament, informally through the acceptance of all the new practices and usages and also by the judicial precedents. The government of the UK has the power ... Full story

The expansion of the British and Empire

The policy of Britain for an active involvement in the continent of European affairs was basically endured for hundreds of years. At the end of the 14th century all the foreign trade that was based on the wool experts to the Europe was basically emerged as the cornerstones of the national policy which was made at that time. English trade was protected by the sea ... Full story


Both the Scotland and Wales were actually independent kingdoms that always resisted the rule of English. Actually the Wales English conquest was succeeded in the year 1282 under the rule act of Edward I, and established English rule after the period of two years. Actually the Scotland and England were both ruled under one crown in the beginning of 1603, it was actually a time ... Full story

History of the UK

Britain was invaded by the Romans in 55 B.C and the most part of the Britain was incorporated into Roman Empire. The Rome again was exposed to invasion because the strength of Rome’s was declined and after sometime the rule of Norman effectively ensured the safety of the Britain’s from all further intrusions. There were many certain institutions that remain the characteristic of the Britain. ... Full story

Peoples of the UK

The population of the UK is more then 62 million according to recent research of 2011 and is among all highest population densities of the world. About one third population lives in England’s fertile and prosperous southeast and is usually urban and suburban and has about 8.7 million populations in the capital of London which is the largest city in the Europe. The literacy rate ... Full story

Government of UK

Parliaments: House of Lords, Welsh Assembly, House of Commons, Scottish Parliament and Northern Ireland Assembly. Judicial: courts, magistrates, high courts, country courts, House of Lords, appellate courts, Supreme Court. Subdivisions: Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Political Parties: Labor, UK Independence Party, Conservative, Liberal Democrats, National Party, in Scotland Scottish National Party, Green Party, in Wales Party of Wales named Plaid Cymru,  in Northern Ireland Social Democratic, Ulster Unionist ... Full story

About UK

Actually the United Kingdom is sovereign state that is located off the coasts of North Western of the continental Europe. Basically the Island of Great Britain, many smaller islands and Ireland’s North Western Coasts of Island are included in the country. The northern islands are actually UK’s only part that is surrounded by the North Sea, Atlantic Ocean, Irish Sea and the English Channel.   Popularity: ... Full story

Study in UK

UK is supposed to be the best for providing outstanding higher education opportunities for the peoples of the world and also for their citizens. The main thing is that the British educational qualifications are most trusted and respected in all fields through out the world. Many other countries are also providing the same standard and quality education but UK education is supposed to be the ... Full story
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