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Always be Punctual

You should reach on time of your scheduled interview because Germans are very well known for their punctuality. The best is to arrive 30 minutes before your interview which is the best time for student visa interview. Full story

Good Sleep

Before the day of the interview you should have a good sleep because in this way you will be able to answer all questions properly.     For more information about Study in Germany please visit here: Full story

German Student Visa Questions

There are many types of questions that are asked when you apply for the student visa of Germany that are as under Q1.  Do you need interpreter? Answer:  No thanks Q2.  Are you ready for the interview? Answer:  Yes I am ready Q3. What is the reason you choose this institute? How you find about this institute? Answer:  The institute which is select is the best institutes in Germany which provides ... Full story

Germany Education System

Actually the education system of Germany always provides different types of paths for all those students that are based on the ability of the individual. At the age of six students in Germany enter the Grundschule and remains together up till fourth grade of studies. When these Grandschule students are of 10 years than the German school system tracks all those students that have different ... Full story

College life in Germany

The individual academic department or the division may be scattered widely through out the German city. Actually the German universities are exclusively an academic institution that is the reason most of the students do not live in the dormitories. You will find fraternities or sororities as unimportant in Germany but university sponsor many types of social events that are infrequent. The big time sports programs ... Full story

Reentry and International students in Germany

All those students that are already employed but never have the chance to attend or to complete any Gymnasium are also qualified for the study of colleges and universities. Both of these can easily obtain an Abitur certificate or any equivalent degree or through their special adult education by passing an assessment test. They are also known as the second route to the higher education. All ... Full story

University Types in Germany

Actually the university students of Germany tends to choose a university for the particular professors and do not choose for the reputation of the school. As like this there are many graduate institutions in the US that specializes in medicine, law, theology and business and that’s why there are variety of German colleges and universities. All the 300 post secondary education in Germany includes colleges ... Full story

Major Impact in Institutions of Germany

All those secondary students that headed towards the Allgemeine Hochschulreife always take the courses in the core academic subjects. The mandatory subjects include German language, a foreign language and also one area of natural sciences. Actually the grades of the last four semesters that includes 12 and 13 and the examinations written and oral results always determine the Abitur GPA. Actually these GPA determines how ... Full story

German Typical School Day

Actually the school day of the Germany are shorter than the school day of the US and usually ends between 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. That is the reason the school seldom needs cafeterias or the study halls. In Germany the schools give plenty of homework to their students and the parents of the students also spend hours to help their children. Actually all ... Full story

More and more Subjects in Germany

Actually the German high school curriculum is very standardized from all other countries with some of the fewer electives that are offered other than the US. In the US, the students of high school usually studies seven types of subjects per their semester and study five times a week in the same school period. While in Germany the students study twelve subjects that are weekly ... Full story
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