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ISSB Centres in Pakistan and Contact Details

ISSB Kohat, Pakistan Address: GSO-2 Selection ISSB Kohat Cantt Post Code 26000 Phone: 0922- 9260085 0922-521-3808 Web-Email: [email protected]   ISSB Gujranwala, Pakistan Address: GSO-2 Selection ISSB Gujranwala Cantt Phone: 055 - 2693814 055 - 3866036   ISSB Malir, Pakistan Address: GSO-2 (Selection), ISSB Malir Phone: 021 - 4953810 021 - 9247448   ISSB Quetta, Pakistan For information about ISSB Quetta, please contact GSO-2 (Selection) Kohat.   SELECTION AND RECRUITMENT CENTERS... Full story

Pakistan ISSB Test – Frequentry Asked Questions

How many candidates are selected out of a group / batch? No definite number or limit is laid down about the selection of candidates out of a group/batch. If all the candidates ... Full story

About ISSB

The selection of right person for right job and to predict his behaviour under odds has always been an intricate process. Especially, for military organizations, stakes are much higher than profit or loss. Military leaders are required to possess some special qualities, ... Full story


  INELIGIBILITY CONDITIONS Candidates falling in any one of the following are ineligible to appear in the ISSB tests Those who do not fulfill the academic qualifications advertised by respective services headquarters. Those found medically unfit.... Full story


At ISSB, we are looking for alert, motivated candidates who have the potential to complete the long, arduous and extensive training which faces all newly commissioned officers in the service. The Selection Board is looking for many things, such as clear thinking, the ability to remain calm under stress and strain, team skills and willingness to ... Full story


Arrival Day Reception Checking of Documents Allotment of ID / Chest numbers Photographs Administration Staff’s address Completion of Board Questionnaires     1st Day Opening Address by a Deputy President. Intelligence Tests Announcement of screening out result Remaining Psychological Tests (Screened out Candidates will not attend the subsequent tests)     2nd Day Briefing Indoor Tasks Group Discussion Group Planning Outdoor Tasks Progressive Group Task (PGT) Half Group Task (HGT)   Interviews     3rd Day Individual Obstacles. Command Task Final Group Task (FGT) Interviews (leftovers)     4th ... Full story


Interviewer assesses the candidates in an informal and objective manner. The questions would mainly pertain to the candidate's life, academics, awareness and general aspects requiring the candidates' views. Full story


Out Door Tests Group Tests. In group tests the candidates are put through a number of standardized situations to find out the degree of officer like qualities in a candidate i.e., team spirit, initiative, resourcefulness etc, and whether the candidate’s personality fits him for a practical role that an officer has to play in the Armed Forces. For these ... Full story


These tests include intelligence and personality tests and are held on the morning of the first day. Intelligence Tests. These are of two main types; verbal and non verbal. Candidates who fail to come up to the minimum standards are screened out. They are allowed to proceed back to their homes after the test on the first day.   Mechanical Aptitude Test. It is designed to assess candidates' basic ... Full story


Aim of Inter Services Selection Board is to select potential officers for the defence forces of Pakistan who have the requisite capabilities to successfully complete their course of training at the military academies and also possess physical, mental, social and dynamic qualities to make successful leaders during peace and war. Inter Services Selection Board caters for selection of candidates for training as potential officers for all ... Full story
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