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Student Jobs in Malaysia

The government of Malaysia allows international students to work part time for a limited time period during their studies in the institutes of Malaysia. All the international students are advised no to depend on the jobs to support their entire studies in Malaysia because from the part time jobs in Malaysia you will make only pocket money and cannot fulfill your all requirements of study. ... Full story

Top 10 Popular Jobs for International Students in Malaysia

There are many types of jobs in Malaysia for international students that also includes high salary or low salary jobs. Students have to work in Malaysia to fulfill their all educational expenses and also to fulfill their living costs while they study. There are top 10 most demanded jobs by students in Malaysia that are:- · Surveyors · Promoters/Sales Assistants · Waiters/Waitresses · Flyers Distributors · Fitness Instructor · Lab Assistants · ... Full story

Procedure to Process Part Time Jobs Application in Malaysia

The Director General of Immigration of Malaysia has the right to approve or reject the application of any international student according to the Immigration Act of 1959 and 1963 which was amended in the year 2002. In these conditions the University of Malaysia is required to forward the academic progress of the student and have to give report of the student to the immigration ... Full story

Part Time Jobs Popularity in Malaysia

In Malaysia part time jobs are very popular especially among all international students. International students also make some extra money and also get experience of the international job market. The part time jobs of Malaysia allow students to have a foretaste of what it means to be employed in any firm. You can easily grab part time jobs of Malaysia and choose the best job ... Full story

Graduate Study in Malaysia

Malaysia is a country that offers an interesting and comfortable option for all type of students who enroll in the universities of Malaysia and also to all those students who wish to study in an English speaking country. Actually the education of Malaysia mixes with the western style industrialization with an intriguing Eastern cultural fusion of the Malay, Indian, Chinese and indigenous customs and cultures. ... Full story

Exciting Opportunities for Graduate Students in Malaysia

The most exciting opportunity for all type of graduate students is the consideration of the masters or PhD programs in the Malaysia which helps in the growth of the international universities and colleges in Malaysia that offer their own degree programs in Malaysia. That is the reason more and more international students prefer Malaysia for their graduate study programs. All the graduate students easily access ... Full story

Quality of Graduate Education in Malaysia

The Malaysian education system is a system that provides best education for the graduate studies in the world and is also significant factor why more and more students are coming to Malaysia for graduate study programs. The universities of Malaysia are having very good facilities and are being advanced in research for different fields of study. The best thing which is noted by most of ... Full story

Society of Malaysia

The Malaysia is a country which is truly multi-culture, multi-ethnic and multi-lingual society country. That is the reason the culturally and professionally top universities of Malaysia offers more adventurous study programs to the international students. The culture of Malaysia is very unique in the region of Asia for all the fascinating blend of Asian, Chinese, Arabic and Indian. Malaysia is also the best country to ... Full story

Level of Tuition Fees for Graduate Studies in Malaysia

There are many types of additional material benefits that help to pursue a masters or PhD degree programs in the institutes of Malaysia. All the international students that pay tuition fees for their graduate studies is actually the fraction of all those that are equivalent universities of the UK, Australia and USA. The tuition fees in the universities of Malaysia for graduate studies ranges from ... Full story

Postgraduate Study in Malaysia

The country of Malaysia is the land of opportunities where different types of postgraduate are concerned.  Malaysia is a country that has embarked on an aggressive pursuit of the telemedicine, electronic commerce, online information services, digital broadcasting and many other industries of Malaysia. Malaysia is also launching biotechnology initiatives on the big scale that is actually in terms of development and research. The country of ... Full story
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