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Whether Scholarships are available or not?

There are many details that are available to all international students and can be found on different government websites of the New Zealand. There are also many other websites of New Zealand that also provides the information on scholarships of New Zealand.   For more information about Study in New Zealand please visit here: Full story

How much is the cost of Postgraduate Studies?

The post graduate studies or courses in New Zealand can cost up to NZ $42,000 a year but depends on the course of your study and also depends on the location of your selected university. You should know that the fees may vary and depends on the course and institution that can easily be checked on the websites of the universities. Actually there are many websites ... Full story

How to Apply for Postgraduate Studies?

Actually most of the universities in the New Zealand usually have dedicated international office that is setup to provide you help with your application. Application forms can also be obtained directly from the selected institution. Actually there is an administration or application fee and is non refundable whether your application is accepted or rejected you will not given back the fees of application. Basically application requires ... Full story

When to Apply for the New Zealand Study Permit?

The best time start the enrollment and application is as early as possible and when you receive letter acceptance. That means when you apply early then you will have plenty of time to arrange your visa and also to coordinate other type of details. You should known one thing that the closing date of the application may vary according to courses and institutions. For all ... Full story

What is the entry requirement for the postgraduate study?

Actually there are many different institutions and courses that have their own entry criteria so the best thing is to check with your institutions that you apply to. You need undergraduate degree or postgraduate diploma from any recognized institution when ever you need to apply for master’s courses. When ever you need to apply for PhD, then you need a Master’s degree but there is ... Full story

Where is the best University I can study?

There are round about eight universities in the New Zealand that are 1.      Auckland University of Technology which is AUT 2.      University of Auckland 3.      Lincoln University which is in Christchurch 4.      University of Waikato which is in Hamilton 5.      University of Otago which is in Dunedin, Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington 6.      Victoria University of Wellington 7.      Massey University which is in Palmerston North, Wellington and Auckland 8.      University of Canterbury which is ... Full story

What types of courses are available in New Zealand?

There are eight best universities in New Zealand that offers widest range of postgraduate courses for international students. Websites of each institution has post graduate study sections with having many information that course offers. The best guidance you will get is from the Association of Commonwealth Universities which is ACU and usually have very useful guide for all the students that study graduate and also ... Full story

How higher education system Work?

Actually the postgraduate studies in New Zealand generally have three types of degrees that are : Postgraduate Diploma which is of one year and is full time Master’s degree which is two years Doctoral Degree which is of three years   Actually the university year in New Zealand begins at the end of the February and in the beginning of the March. The academic year in New Zealand consists ... Full story

New Zealand Student Visa Interview Questions

All students have all the documents with them and also meet the criteria of the New Zealand but needs to have interview with the consoler or ambassador of the New Zealand. Actually the visa interview process is the most important step to get study visa or permit of any country of the world. Students that have to give interview have to prepare their selves for ... Full story

Other Types of Questions

Q61. Have you ever visited any other country of the world? Q62.  Will you intend to come back to home during your summer? Q63.  What you will do in the Off Period or Semesters?   For more information about Study in New Zealand please visit here: Full story
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