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Student Jobs in Australia

There are many jobs that are offered by different companies to professional or non professional person. When ever students went abroad to study they always search for a job to meet their expenses and also to fulfill their all requirements. There are many things that students face when they went to other countries for study purposes such as accommodation expenses, living costs, transport costs, university ... Full story

Some other tips to get jobs in Australia

When ever the employer need to know what how to do something that is related to your job then say yes and tell them that you are very keen to improve more. Tell your employer that you are fast learner and also very hard worker and when you say no then the employer will say goodbye as an answer. There are many things that you ... Full story

What are the ways to get work in Australia

The best way to get job is to wake up early in the morning and get the newspaper from your nearest shop and go through every thing that is in available work section. Mark all the jobs that you are interested to apply and then dial their numbers to get the appointment. When you get the job of your dreams then call them by using ... Full story

Students on Student Visa Can Work in Australia

When ever any international students is granted students visa then according to their rules and regulations you can easily work up to 20 hours a week when your courses are in session and in full time during holiday periods. You should remember one thing that you should not be affected from your work and should relax and never allow your job to affect the main ... Full story

Working Visa Procedure for Australia

Actually the procedure to get work visa is best after initiating the course in Australia then go to DIMIA of your city which is the department of immigration. Before going to department of the immigration you should have school letter that testify your attendance and enrolment and you also should have passport with you. You have to pay the tax of approximately A$ 60 and ... Full story

International student’s common work

For all internationals students the common work is in hospitality or tourism that includes hotels and restaurants. The main thing in these jobs is the working hours which are same for qualifies students and for commercial offices. Most of the students prefer to work as waiter in hotels and some of the students prefer to work in hospitality field that includes kitchen hand, dish washer, ... Full story

Student’s thoughts about Australia

The students who come to Australia always have the illusion that they will easily get more and more money then others but only few numbers of students it is easy. International students should prepare for this reality because job depends on students factors. The best thing we advice is to come with sufficient money that should be enough to live because getting job is sometimes ... Full story

Three most frequent questions about Australian Jobs

There are three types of jobs that are frequently asked about Australian jobs for students that are   Is it sure that I will get job? How much I can earn from job? Can it be possible that I can support my family and all expenses from job?   There is one reply for all these ... Full story

Students work in Australia

To find work in Australia is sometimes easy and sometimes very difficult for all international students but those students who have got much experiences and skills can find job easily in Australia. To find work in any country especially in Australia it is difficult nowadays because of millions of students that do job while study in Australia. Majority of international students always get job after spending ... Full story

Graduate Study in Australia

The graduate study in Australia is the most demanding education nowadays because of very high quality and standard. Due to increasing number of international graduate student who came to Australia to get high education is because of quality of education and very high standard and also the due to very cheap costs of education. Australia is the best in the world for its climatic conditions, ... Full story
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