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Student Jobs in Germany

When ever it come to make cash than the life of the student can be very tough. Actually there are many types of opportunities that are available at the various stages of your educational life. If you are a student of undergraduate studies in any university of Germany, than according to rules of Germany there are only 13 months industrial placements that are provided in ... Full story

Ways to get Student Job in Germany

All types of employment that are offered to international students must be approved by the Federal Employment of the Germany. To get job in Germany you have to contact your departmental office whether they have job vacancies. You can also contact student’s services organization for the tutor jobs that are easily available for students. You have to remain in touch with the research or library labs for the ... Full story

Students Jobs are not easy to find

Actually in Germany there are not too many jobs available for students but there are many jobs that suit the students and are especially for students. Before taking any job in Germany you have to do your homework in very well condition. There are not too many jobs available for students but there are always a scramble for the jobs of Germany who need to ... Full story

German Work While Studying

Any student that is not from the European Union Countries have to pursue a full time course and in the student visa of the student is allowed to work only for 90 days per year or can work 180 half days per year. There is another way that you should take permission from your respective universities and can contact the office of the respective employment ... Full story

German Work Permit for Foreign Students

All those foreign students who are not from the European Union or European Economic Area usually receive work permit for 90 days per year or 180 half days per year. Actually the European Economic Area includes countries like Liechtenstein, Iceland, Switzerland and Norway. All type of foreign students are not allowed to work while they attending preparatory courses. All those students that are from EU ... Full story

Work more than 19 hours per week

According to German rules students are not allowed to work more than 90 hours a week whether you have a letter from your employer who needs you to work more than 90 hours a week. Actually according to the rule of German foreign authority students can’t exceed their provided work limit. On the other hand if you are having semester vacations than you can work ... Full story

Need of Internship for more than six to eight months

If the internship in Germany is mandatory for all type of your studies than it is ok for you and when it is unpaid than the rule of 90 full days or 180 half days will be applied. If the limit of the internship exceeds than it is must that you should take approval from the foreign registration office of the Germany. You should note ... Full story

Type of International Health Insurance in Germany

The health insurance which you obtain from your home country is actually valid for three months in Germany. So for that purpose you have to search for the German Health Insurance company and have to get a new insurance that will require all your requirements in Germany. You are also safe in terms of social security and don’t need any additional insurance when you have ... Full story

Scholar ships reduced with part time jobs

Actually the DAAD scholarships can be reduced because it mostly depends on the type of your job and also depends on the salary type. The DAAD scholarships also depend on the job that you plan to do in Germany. You have to take permission from the DAAD to work in Germany because it mostly depends on how much you will earn with your monthly scholarships.   For ... Full story

Most Popular Jobs in Germany

There are many types of jobs that include jobs of waiters, jobs of call center agents, job as trade fair assistants and jobs in the media sector. Many of the student work in university as student assistants also work in libraries or in the tourism. Actually the jobs depend on your skills and experience.   For more information about Study in Germany please visit here:... Full story
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