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Work while Study

According to the rules and regulation you can also work part time when you are on full time study and can work under some circumstances that are 1.      You can do part time work in New Zealand when you meet the course requirements practical experience or work. 2.      You can do part time work during the period of New Year and Christmas holidays when you ... Full story

Part time Study in Institutions of New Zealand

You have to study full time to get the eligibility for a student permit but you are also allowed to study part time on your student permit   When you are coming to study for a minimum duration of three years in New Zealand and when your selected course requires you to get any practical type of ... Full story

What type of things allowed in student permit or visa

When you have student permit or visa then you are allowed to study in New Zealand for fix duration of time period which is mention on the student permit or visa in a specified institution with as full time student. These are some things that are   If you are a student of full fee paying then you may easily be granted ... Full story

Permit of requirement during you stay

One you get you student permit than you must meet some of the certain conditions during your stay in New Zealand that are   You have to attend the same of study which is noted in your student permit but you can also apply to change your institution or course. You have to show that you will pass ... Full story

Proof of your leaving

You should give a proof that you will leave the New Zealand when you complete your studies and will have to show how you will leave New Zealand. The best proof that you can show is you should have travel ticket of any country that you are allowed to enter or you should have evidence of enough money which is required in NZ ... Full story

If courses are longer than Nine Months

When ever you select any course which has duration of more than nine months than you will need to show that   You have the access to NZ$10,000 per year to cover your all costs that is needed during your stay in the New Zealand. OR If you are citizen of Samoa or ... Full story

IF courses are shorter than Nine Months

If all the courses that you want to study are less than the nine months duration period that you will need some things that will show that you have the complete access that are   You should have access to NZ$1000 minimum for each month of your stay in New Zealand. You should have access to NZ$400 minimum ... Full story

Evidence of the Funds that you have

To get your study permit or student visa you have to prove that you can easily meet all your expenses and costs of living during your study period in New Zealand. There are some suitable evidence that are needed that are   You should have enough money to live or should have enough money for your guardian to meet all of your ... Full story

New Zealand Student Visa or Study Permit Requirements

Before you apply to New Zealand student visa you should always ensure that you have fulfilled al the requirements that you have to meet and also the requirements that your course must meet. First of all you should an offer letter from the certified education provider of New Zealand and the offer that you should have must contain   1. Offer letter should contain the course name ... Full story

Exchange of the Students

When ever you have offered any place in any approved exchange scheme than you need to apply for the student visa and this type of student visa will depends on the duration of your exchange. Usually the exchange of students is provided to you to meet all the normal character and health requirements.   For the exchange process you also need to submit some types of evidences ... Full story
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