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Norwegian Education and Training System for the Adults

The lifelong learning and opportunities for the education for all type of adults are very important principles in the educational policy of Norway.  All type of adults in Norway should have the possibility to strengthen all their competence throughout their career pathways that are diverse. All type of adults who need it will have statutory type of rights for the primary and lower secondary education ... Full story

Norwegian Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral Degree Programs

Basically the higher education structure of Norway which is followed since 2003 is consisting of three years bachelor’s degree programs, two years master’s degree programs and also three years of doctoral degree programs.   For more information about Study in Norway please visit here: Full story

Norwegian Higher Education, Tertiary Vocational Training and Research system

All type of higher education in Norway is usually research based and consists of the universities, specialized institutions, university colleges and national institutes. With the help of Bologna process the higher education of the Norway has been reformed in the accordance with the agreements. Usually there is a three years bachelor’s degree, three years doctorate degree and three years master’s degree programs in Norway. The ... Full story

Norwegian Upper Secondary Education and Training System

The upper education and training system of Norway comprises of all the courses the lead to the qualifications that are above the lower secondary level. This type of education system usually consists of the programs that are for general studies and also of vocational education programs. All those peoples who have completed the lower secondary education actually have the right to the three years of ... Full story

Education System of Primary and Secondary

The primary and secondary education was founded on the principles of adopted education and equality for all type of pupils in the form of school system that is based on the same National Curriculum. In primary and secondary education system of Norway, knowledge, values and culture is being shared by all type of children and young peoples. Usually the primary and lower secondary schooling system ... Full story

Kindergartens Education System

The kindergarten education systems in Norway are actually those educational institutions that usually provide pre-school children education with many good opportunities for the activities and development. All these places are usually of very high quality and always come at very low price and can be private or public.   For more information about Study in Norway please visit here: Full story

Study Fees in Norway

To complete any university degree abroad is considered as the expensive endeavour and in the study abroad programs the tuition fees are playing a vital role for the cost in other countries. According to the rule of Norwegian universities and state universities there are no tuition fees for any international student that enroll them selves in their institutes. You should also know that the living ... Full story

Jobs for Non-Norwegian Speakers

Speaking English language is necessity but there are some jobs in which you can apply if you do not master Norwegian that includes Cleaning Embassy work Newspaper delivery Warehouse work Work in restaurants/pubs/cafeterias, e.g. cook, waiter, dishwasher (particularly in restaurants/pubs with a profile from your native country) Seasonal work in agriculture (e.g. picking strawberries) Advertisement distribution Providing private services (gardening, baby-sitting, maintenance work, cleaning, handiwork) Production work within industry Travel-business: guide/courier (here it is an ... Full story

Norway Top Colleges & Universities List

The universities of Norway are actually public and private universities have no tradition in the country of Norway as the cases of other countries of Europe. Most of the university colleges are those that were created in the year of 1994. The list of universities and colleges are as under:- Bergen National Academy of the Arts Diakonhjemmet University College Ålesund University College Gjøvik University College MF Norwegian ... Full story

Private University Colleges with Having Accredited Programs in Norway

Private University Colleges with having accredited programs: Atlantis medisinske høgskole (Oslo) Ansgar School of Theology and Mission (Kristiansand) Bergen Deaconess University College (Bergen) Arkivakademiet (Oslo) Betanien Deaconal University College (Bergen) Baptistenes Teologiske Seminar (Stabekk) Den norske balletthøyskole (Oslo) Barratt Due Institute of Music (Oslo) Bjørknes College (Oslo) Bergen School of Architecture (Bergen) Norwegian Eurythmy College (Oslo) Campus Kristiania (Oslo)   For more information about Study in Norway please visit here:... Full story
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