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Study Fees According to the Subjects

There is another reason why most of the international students choose Malaysia as the best study place in the world which includes affordable tuition fees and affordable living costs. The following table will show the estimated tuition costs at the various levels of education in Malaysia which is as under.   (A) Studies of Foundation or Pre-University Ausmat, Australia... Full story

Living Cost in Malaysia

All the international students should have round about US$ 243 to US$ 350 for their month living expenses in the heart of the city but in the year 2011 the costs of living in city has been broken down which is as under. Accommodation Costs: According to an estimate about US$ 60 to US$ 150 per month is the costs of the accommodation in the city. But ... Full story

Components of Fee in Malaysia

Your selected course will basically consist of all your tuition fees plus many other direct study expenses. There are some components that you may incur during your study duration of your selected course that are. Deposit Registration Fee Library fee Computer/Science Laboratory Fee Tuition Fee Health & Hospitalization Insurance Premium Other Incidental Costs     For more information about Study in Malaysia please visit here: Full story

Cost of Study in Malaysia

The affordable cost for the tertiary education is the big reason why students from different countries choose Malaysia to study. Basically all the education cost that you have pay are usually made of Course Fees: The course fee includes tuition fees and many other types of study fees that is payable to the institution and usually depends on what you are studying and what is the duration ... Full story

Malaysia Top Colleges & Universities List

Universities in Malaysia are usually categorized as two types of universities that are public universities and private universities. Actually the private universities are those that include locally established universities and campuses which are of the foreign university. The list shown down is actually categorized as state wise so that you can easily find your desired university in the list. The universities in Malaysia are much ... Full story

Private Universities and University Colleges in Malaysia

According to the Private Higher Educational Institution Act 1996, all the private universities and university colleges were made possible and after this Act there were many private universities and colleges in Malaysia. There are also many private institutions that are of higher learning still exist but are not the authorized to confer their own type of degree. All these institutions act as preparatory institutions for ... Full story

Public Universities and University colleges in Malaysia

Public universities in Malaysia are actually those universities that are funded by the government of Malaysia and are also known as self managed institutions of government. There are some universities that are established by two separate enabling Parliament Acts which are University of Malay and MARA University of Technology. There are many other public universities in Malaysia that are created by the executive order ... Full story

Malaysia Student Visa Documents

The government of Malaysia does not allow any type of student visa stamping out side their country that is the reason the students have to travel to Malaysia on tourist visa. Students when arrive to Immigration Check point of Malaysian airport on tourist visa will then issue student pass or visa. Usually students are provided student confirmation letter to show at the immigration department check ... Full story

Student Visa Documents

Student Visa Documents: Students have to submit visa application form which should be completed and also signed by the applicant. Students have to submit offer letter which is provided by the education institute of Malaysia which should be approved by the pass and permit division which is the immigration headquarters of Malaysia. Students have to submit two copies of passport. Students have to submit two passport size photographs. Students have ... Full story

Malaysia Study Visa

All the international students that need to study in Malaysia must have to obtain student pass which is the most required for the entry in to Malaysia as student. All the applications that are submitted for the student visa are actually submitted by the Malaysian institution from which the student is accepted to study in Malaysia. The institutions will than send the application to the ... Full story
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