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Master’s Degree Programs in New Zealand

Actually the master’s degree programs are open for all those students that have completed a bachelor’s degree by scoring very good grades. Actually the course of study of master’s degree depends on the duration of the Bachelor’s degree. The master’s degree course of study is actually the study of one or two years advance study process. All the successful students have to show real grasp ... Full story

Graduate Diplomas in New Zealand

Actually the graduate diploma programs are actually those programs that have one year full time course duration. According to the prior learning or experiences in the subjects the regulation may differ but is not always required. Actually graduate diplomas provide an opportunity to add qualifications in many different subjects. Usually a graduate diploma can easily be used as bridging qualifications to any specialist study of ... Full story

Graduate Study Programs in New Zealand

With the help of completed bachelor’s degree, the student of graduate is able to go easily on to one year postgraduate or graduate programs and can also go to a Doctorate or master’s degree.   For more information about Study in New Zealand please visit here: Full story

Different Universities in New Zealand

In the year 1870, the education of the university was established in New Zealand and is also known as the education which is very similar to the systems of the British Universities. Actually in New Zealand there are only eight sate funded universities that have international respect for their best academic and also for their best research performance. In addition to the system of centrally ... Full story

Postgraduate Study in New Zealand

Actually the post graduate studies of the New Zealand are usually run through university. Usually the courses in New Zealand are one year long and after the successful completion of Bachelor degree you can easily continue your further study courses. All these type of course will enhance the knowledge of the students in their respected field of previous studies. Usually there are three types of postgraduate ... Full story

Doctorate Degree in New Zealand

Actually the admission process of the PhD study requires first class or second class of the master’s degree, honors degree or any other type of comparable qualifications. Actually the degree of Doctorate takes three years full time study program that includes study and research. Actually the degree of doctorate is awarded on the basis of the thesis that usually requires original research and also requires ... Full story

Master’s Degree in New Zealand

Usually Master’s degree programs in New Zealand needs two years full time study program and can be started after successful completion of Bachelor’s degree. The master’s degree programs can be of one year if the student successfully completed honors or postgraduate diploma in the same field. Actually the master’s degree is those degrees that build upon all the knowledge of the student that is gained in ... Full story

Honors Degree in New Zealand

Actually the honor degree in New Zealand needs one year full time study and is applicable after the successful completion of the Bachelor’s degree. Usually honors degree depends on the knowledge that is gained in the Bachelor’s degree and in allows students to utilize that knowledge practically. Usually honors degree is the combination of the research and course work and the entry in the honors ... Full story

Postgraduate Diploma in New Zealand

Usually postgraduate diploma in New Zealand requires one year full time study after the successful completion of Bachelor’s Degree. Actually diplomas are those that build on the subjects that are in the academic field of the Bachelor’s degree. Some of the graduates are required to study the graduate diploma as its first step towards the academic level and usually take this step before proceeding to ... Full story

Are there any types of Exchange programs?

Actually there is a group which is known as Common Wealth Universities Study abroad Consortium which is well known as CUSAC. Actually the main function of the CUSAC is to provide facility to all international students to easily exchange and also provides study abroad opportunities to international students.  You can also have contact with your international study office to know whether there is any exchange ... Full story
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