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Climate of the Norway

The Western and Southern parts of the Norway usually experiences more precipitation than other areas. That is the reason they have milder winters than the south eastern part of Norway. Actually the lowlands around the capital city Oslo usually have very warm and sunniest summer but also have very cold weather and snow fall in the winter season. The latitude of the Norway is very ... Full story

Independence of Norway

In the year 1905, the prime minister of the Norway played very important role in the peaceful separation of the Norway form the Sweden. Norway’s peoples give monarchy preference on the republic after the confirmation of the national referendum. The government of Norway offers throne of Norway to the Prince Carl of Danish and the parliamentary elected king which was the first king of the ... Full story

Study in Norway

Norway is basically a country with view of midnight sun is supposed to be the best destination for international students to study and live. All the educational institutes in Norway provides the best and very high standard education and offer wide range of courses and are offered from vocational subjects to postgraduate and doctorate level of courses with modern and very safe learning environment.   The best ... Full story
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