UAF Unaccredited Degree Program

UAF Unaccredited Degree Program

UAF Unaccredited Degree Program

Faisalabad, University of Agriculture Faisalabad gave admissions to the candidates in FSc (Pre-Agriculture) but the students of this class started their protest against the management as the management failed to settle down authorization issue. The students will stage the protest against the administration outside the gate of the university.

The students said that the university administration launched the FSc Pre-Agriculture program in 2009 without getting the authorization of BISE. There are about 3000 students, who were registered for program and they are suffered because they are unable to apply for any job or they can get any kind of grant. They said that they would join a convention of the students, which is being scheduled at Dhobi Ghat on 12 October 2017. They also made the demand with the administration as well as to the government to close the unaccredited FSc Pre-Agriculture program and the equivalence certificates may be issued to the students, who passed the exams. The government should launch an inquiry to probe into the matter that why the administration launched the program without getting authorization of the program.

The spokesperson of the university said that the case is in Lahore High Court and the court has fixed the next date of hearing as 25 October 2017.

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